also yes im still kickin it

im reeling


Gisele Bundchen photographed by Michel Comte for Vogue Italia, 1999

"I don’t listen to what art critics say. I don’t know anybody who needs a critic to find out what art is.” –Jean-Michel Basquiat (Photo: New York Times Magazine, 1985)

Pablo Picasso photographed in his studio near Cannes, France in 1956. The Thonet rocking chair in the distance appears in many of his paintings.


Who the fuck has crushes after you’re like ten years old just suck his dick and block him on iMessage

like honestly god blessed u with a penis an d this is how u repay him

boys are disappointing and i haTE them


Jean-Baptiste MondinoMan Looking at the Origin of the World

Concrete Living by Nick Frank*

Unknown Artist - Ikea Monkey (2012) X Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine (2012)

(by Soul2luoS)


guys are so full of shit “i’ll fuck you til you scream” yeah right you’ll finish in 3 minutes then roll over and sleep while i lie there trying to figure out when exactly you stuck it in


Malcolm T. Liepke